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Over the last 2 years Björk has talked a lot about her idea of love as single woman (she broke up with her former husband and artist Matthew Barney back in 2013). All these topics such friendship, porn industry and virtual reality, dating apps,  seem will be part of her upcoming album. Later on August 2017 she confirms that her new album is like a “her Tinder album”.

I think the soulmate thing for me distributes over quite a lot of people. I have a really good group of girlfriends and most of them are artists as well. I think the biggest death for me was the death of this idea of family. I have a big family in Iceland, and they all have long-term partners and children.’

Björk, ES Magazine 10.2016

It’s not coincidence that the porn industry has embraced virtual reality. The penetration is really intimate. It’s really exciting to place to be.

Björk . The Guardian 06.2016

“its writing process coinciding with some of the biggest political upheavals in recent history. Against a backdrop of rising xenophobia and the looming threat of climate catastrophe, the album asks whether paradise is possible. Maybe that’s why it became a utopian theme – if you’re gonna survive not only my personal drama but also the sort of situation that world is in today, we’ve got to come up with a new plan”

“if we don’t have the dream, we’re just not gonna change. Especially now, this kind of dream is an emergency.”



Building up the tracklist

  • The first single could be a love song called “The Gate“. We already know that the video has been shot by Andrew Thomas Huang in LA between April and June 2017. Björk’s dress is by Gucci, this is not the first time Björk is wearing a Gucci’s creation, as it happened at the Walt Disney Concert Hall last May. A new mask has been designed by James Merry.
  • Allow, co-written with Arca and recorded at Caraibi: “It’s one of the most straightforward melodic song that she’s played so far, though she isn’t sure if she’ll include it on the final record. The song illustrates the way her relationship with Ghersi (aka Arca) has developed over the time.”.
We had a lot of holidays together. We got Airbnbs in the Caribbean. We’d walk in the jungles, recording birds. The lyrics are very much like that. Just us, swimming in the ocean for days. On day nine, that song just happened. – Dazed Autumn 2017
  • Loss, a collaboration with Rabit, who made a remix for History of Touches.
The song that we made is pure feeling – says Burton (aka Rabit). It’s my first outside production work. It’s important that it means something. Thoughts and ideas have wings, we talked about this lot throughout the process.. How force of will is the ultimate force, our ability to choose. I think that the world needs a reminder of that right now. That’s what the song is to me, and why it’s so necessary. – Dazed Autumn 2017
  • Feature Creatures
Describes the feeling of seeing someone with the same beard and the same accent as a lover. Is she talking about anyone specific?

Yeah. I mean, I’ve thought about what I would say here. I set myself up with my last album being a heartbreak album, so everyone is gonna be line “Are you married?” with this one, but it’s too fragile still. I think, If I could, I’d just say this is my dating album. Let’s just leave it here.”.

Dazed Autumn 2017

  • On Interview.de she declared speaking about Arca:

he helped me with two records, so i helped him with his singing – he started now to use his voice.

So supposedly there will be a duet.

On 15th September midnight “The Gate” is officially released. It’s already in streaming on Spotify and Björk herself publishes the lyric on her instagram.

Gucci posted a making of of the dress released for “The Gate”.

THE ORIGIN: We are doing paradise now!

Back on February 2016 Björk shares her first rumors about her upcoming album inside Another Magazine. She explains that the new project will feature collaborations with Arca and will have a different direction from Vunicura. If she told about the hell in her last album, the new one will be about an utopian Paradise

I’m writing my next thing. I’m still allowing myself to be a submarine ; I don’t totally have the view of it yet. It’s funny, each album is different for me. Like, what come first ? With this one it’s maybe the melodies. This is very abstract, but the melodies have a similar kind of shape. But it’s really early one, and I don’t even know if I should say, but I have got three songs down with Alejandro (Arca) who I worked with the last album (Vulnicura). The last album, we sort of call it “hell” – it was like divorce ! So we are doing paradise now. Utopia. We have done hell, we have earned some points.

"I am recording"

On 24th February 2016 Björk is the winner as Best International Female Solo Artist. She appears on external link explaining she is working and recording on the new album.

On 3th March 2016 Triangle Records writes on Instagram a post about Björk as 360° musician, totally in charge of all her musical projects. In that occasion Triangle Records also says:

her new material is going to blow you all away.

Musical Direction

 In the recent press releases (Dazed and Interview DE) Björk reveals that the mood of her new album will resemble some of her old tracks like the only instrumental track Batabid, a b-side published on the Pagan Poetry single (2001) and Ambergis March which featured on Drawing Restraint 9 score (2005).

The album is defined like “lighter than air” and will feature wind instruments, an Icelandic choir and harp instrument.

Batabid track

The 2nd August is one of the first important date: Björk finally announces that the album is ready and will be out really soon. As usual she posts a handwritten note on her facebook page. Surprisingly the pre-order on her website is already available (no cover art though), 3 are the formats so far: LP, normal jewel case, digipack.

2014 has been for Björk the year of fluo yellow and lilac, two complementary colors. This summer, Björk has been spotted hanging around wearing a light mint blue dress. As it happened with Vulnicura, this could be the color for the new album (together with orange).

Reykjavik base pop artist Berndsen shares on the 24th August a post on his facebook page mentioning that Björk is mixing right now on the same studio.

On 5th September Björk finally announces the release of the new single “The Gate”, digitally out on 18th September and on LP on 22th September.

a very limited run of björk’s new single ‘the gate’ will be released on single-sided 12” vinyl via one little indian records 22nd september 2017.

‘the gate is essentially a love song, but i say ‘love’ in a more transcendent way. vulnicura was about a very personal loss, and i think this new album is about a love that’s even greater. it’s about rediscovering love – but in a spiritual way, for lack of a better word.’ – björk

During the streaming interview for Nowness on 15th Sept. 2017, Björk reveled the potential name for her upcoming album: “UTOPIA”.

What's the name of the album? 🦄🌫☁️💮🌸💮#bjork#utopia#björk#gucci#nowness

Un post condiviso da k o k e s h i b o y (@kokeshiboy) in data:

On 19th October, Björk announces to upcoming shows in Georgia.

On 31st October Björk announces the artwork for the Utopia cover.

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