Blissing Me limited aqua vinyl

Björk has released two remixes of the track ‘Blissing Me’, from the current album ‘Utopia'; one which strips back the existing layers of song to purely her voice and a harp arrangement by herself, and another by the enigmatic artist serpentwithfeet who has gifted his heavenly gospel tones to the track.

The Lp will be released on the 23th February and can be preordered at One Little Indian or the official Björk shop.

Side A:

blissing me (featuring serpentwithfeet)

Side B:

blissing me (harp version)


too bliss to miss : the turquoise genie grants you three blisses ! the blissing me remixes vinyl hits the shelves on february 23 , but is available right now for pre order . a fetching shade of turquoise , it features two alternate versions for your alternate enjoyment : serpentwithfeet’s richly layered take , and a spacious harp-heavy rendition – for every mood , a bliss :

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