It’s no coincidence that the porn industry has embraced virtual reality. The penetration is really intimate. It’s really exciting to place to be.

Björk . The Guardian 3.06.2016

From a viewing platform I see her amid monstera plants, wearing white, her head a glowing green orb. She dances crazily to Zara Larsson’s Lush Life. Aside from the occasional pop track like this, it’s a doggedly eclectic mix. Bollywood, oriental chimes and an industrial dance track so punitive it’d turn Squarepusher pale. But the half-lit, half-full room is full of languid half-dancers.

The Guardian 4.6.2016

Dietro le quinte di Björk Digital

Notget VR


” i felt it is time to premier my recent virtual reality stuff and delighted to do so in sydney . 

we have made seven 360 videos for vulnicura and i am enthusiastic about this natural continuity of the music video : the intimacy , total merge of surround sound and vision makes VR an ideal home ! looking forward to celebrate it dj’ing with some good friends there !! 

you´re welcome

warmthness , björk. “

Björk Virtual premiered in Sidney at Carriageworks  on 3th June 2016. According to official sources the project will last 18 months and will be hosted in different cities of the world. Will feature also all the VR (virtual reality) contents done for Vulnicura.

 Björk Virtual ha avuto il suo debutto al Carriageworks di Sidney il 3 giugno 2016 e  sarà lì ospitato fino al 18 giugno. Il progetto, secondo fonti ufficiali, si protrarrà per 18 mesi portando, in diverse città del mondo, le sperimentazioni inVR (virtual reality) realizzate principalmente per l’ultimo album dell’artista, Vulnicura.

The Program

Through special VR headseats (80 pieces) will be possible to watch all the VR videos released:

  • Black Lake: commissioned by MOMA , directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.
  • Stonemilker VR: the special 360° VR video, shot in Iceland, directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.
  • Mouth mantra VR: “filmed using 12 cameras from inside an intricate model of Björk’s mouth. – Dazed”, direct by Jesse Kanda.
  • Notget: directed by Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones, this is the only unreleased video.  NME declared:

    According to a press release the world premiere of ‘Notget’ in VR “combines high resolution 3D scans, on-location holostudio, motion capture and videogrammetry along with real-time special audio design that envelopes and embeds the user into Björk’s performance. These digital assets are blended together to create an ever evolving and changing digital form of particles, light and sound that inhabits the space with you.”

  • Biophilia: all the educational Biophilia apps will be feature on Björk Digital as part of the path who linked Björk to nature and technology.
  • Björk cinema: all the video from Debut to Vulnicura will be re-mastered to let the audience joining to a complete and HD visual trip.


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