Ristampa colorata dei vinili

In occasione della mostra che si terrà al Moma, la One Little Indian ha messo in vendita la ristampa colorata degli album in studio di Björk in LP. I dettagli sui colori di ogni singolo LP sono riportati “fra le righe” della descrizione:

shy beginner   humility   virgin   beige   silver   mohair   the messenger

greedy   euphoric   absorb   promiscuity   urban     pink

icelandic/cosmopolitan contrast   green   patriotic   warrior   confrontational   volcanic beats   icelandic octet   active

frozen winter world   celestial   whispered vocals   passive   loyal swans   paradise   laptops   harps   glockenspiels   music boxes     micro beats   white orchestra   choir     disney     salvation

primordial     motherhood   humour     family around campfire     breastfeeding   black   braided hair   bones   caves   marrow     goth   pagan     archeology   pre-civilisation   folk
dark brown   family   passive

wanderlust   activist   shaman   feminist   justice   confrontational   reactable   brass   tribal beats   red   neon green   flags   trumpets   fire   anthropology   tribes   boats   bombastic

equilibrium   kofi annan   synchronising opposites     pacifist     solutions   pedagogic   uniting   choir   copper     electric blue     galaxies   atom
no human scale   element table     cosmic   nature/technology   not narrative

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