Dietro le quinte del video “Mouth Mantra”

Dazed intervista il regista Jesse Kanda autore del video “Mouth Mantra”.

The idea came from me wanting to create something as intimate as possible becauseVulnicura, the album, the whole album, is really one of the most intimate things that I’ve ever heard. I felt the urge to try and mirror that in my way. The mouth, being Björk’s vessel from which she expresses her primary art, inspired me to try to do something with that.

L’idea del video trae ispirazione dalla necessità di trasporre in modo intimistico il canale di connessione che per primo riesce ad esprimere l’arte di Björk, ovvero la sua bocca.

What we had to do was build a mouth that was four feet by four feet by four feet. It’s really amazing. The incredible animatronics artist John Nolan’s studio made this animatronic model of Björk’s actual mouth. So they moulded her mouth and enlarged it, sculpted it, painted it, and then made it into a robot that would open and close and the tongue would move.

La sfida più grande del progetto è stata la riproduzione su larga scala della bocca di Björk modellata su uno stampo e poi resa animata da un robot.

I did 900, 1000 hours of me sitting in front of a computer, looking at Björk’s mouth. It was so crazy. I actually had to go to the hospital! It’s so funny, the whole thing is anatomical, so surgical, and I ended up in a hospital for it. I actually put so much pressure on myself that at one of the meetings in Iceland, I started convulsing and passed out. They pumped me up with stuff and a few hours later I woke up in a pitch dark hospital room… Björk was sitting there, glowing in a gorgeous white dress. She was lit from watching a movie on her phone in this total black void, pretty much exactly like the video.

La produzione e post produzione del video è stata così estenuante, ricorda Kanda, da essere finito in ospedale e, continua nel suo aneddoto, al suo risveglio trovare Björk vestita di bianco, come un’angelica visione, intrattenersi con un film sul cellulare.

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