Björk reveals potential album name to Nowness: Utopia

During the 50 minutes interview for Nowness Björk, together with Andrew Thomas Huang,  talked a lot about the creation process behind the single “the Gate” and her upcoming album. She revealed that releasing “the Gate” has been cathartic, thrilling.

The gate it’s about a metaphysical thing where the oval shape restores and becomes a gate. Tt’s about exchanging energy.

The video has futuristic features, it’s a sorta of follow-up to what has been done before for Vulnicura. The special costume designed by Alessandro Michele, creative director for Gucci, it’s one thing together with the video and the mask.

Björk said that “the Gate” it’s about two lovers passing the prism of love. She was sketching in a diary what would happen after the wound in Vulnicura. The wound would split in different colors like a prism. So this was leitmotiv that linked the costume to the mask, music and film.

She said Arca, with his dignity and elegance, brought her back to a more equal basis. He had a look to her old repertory, especially b-sides as “Batabid”, trying to kind linking them. The new album will feature an Icelandic flutes section made of 12 pieces; it will be a little about the air, sinthy flutes, joy and darkness. Björk still does not know how the album will be presented on her next tour.

About the future i don’t want to say too much, several ideas going on, I will solve the riddle how to perform this album live.

She finally reveled a potential name for the album: “UTOPIA”:

I had tons of name suggestion, I am going call it “Utopia”, I can’t think anything better-but may happen that name could change. I like the think that sort of a cliche thing and fascistic “i like the world being like this”

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